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Candid Wedding Photography

A wedding is a unique and personal celebration of a couple’s love, joy and commitment to each other. It is a many-layered event that is simultaneously a sacred rite and a jubilant party; a blessed declaration of love and a gathering of friends and family. Whether your ceremony is small and intimate, or large and stately, your wedding day is the culmination of many hours of planning. Once it arrives, all your planning generates an event with a vitality and spirit all its own.

I feel honored each time I am invited to participate in a couples unforgettable day. I work hard to create a personalized collection of wedding images that reflects their distinctive personality and style. Utilizing my extensive fine-art experience, I pay close attention to all the details that comprise a wedding.

Experience has taught me that, no matter what type of celebration a bridal couple chooses, they want coverage of the day’s events as they unfold, without an overbearing presence. Through candid photographs, I capture feelings and special moments as they evolve naturally by utilizing my strong visual sense in combination with my intuition. I capture the moment rather than dictate the moment.

cut above photo like to work closely with each bride and groom to ensure comfortable, relaxed portraits. Careful planning of the portrait session details helps to minimize its length. Couples who enjoy working with me appreciate the time it takes to create quality portraits. Meaningful photographs that will forever document their special day are their priority and they are always pleased with the results of my work.

Whether it’s well-orchestrated group portraits or natural candids, my clients tell me I’m fun and easy to work with. And best of all, they love my photographs.

Thank you for taking the opportunity to learn about my photography services.  I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your wedding day.  Please give me a call.  I look forward to hearing from you.
We have prices to fit every budget, all with high quality service. We are a member of Pictage, one of the largest online ordering and digital lab in the country, which allows us to focus on our passion – creating beautiful photographs of you.

Your photo booth rentals Orlando, FL really are an investment that should last a lifetime and more. Don’t choose just anyone; ask us about the archival quality of our photographs.

Wedding packages start at $1350 for five hours. All packages include a proof magazine and either a mounted or flush mount album. We have five standard packages to choose from, but we will gladly put together a custom package to fit your needs. Custom portrait sittings start at $150.00 and include one 5×7 photograph. Call or e-mail for a free information package.

We accept most major credit cards.

Introduction to Personal Coaching

I recommend most runners go through the Introductory Plan. This allows Bob time to teach the athlete an understanding of the training and racing principles and philosophy, review the runners’ biomechanical movements, review past training and racing, discuss basic sports nutrition, sport psychology, sports injury prevention and general health awareness.
This initial coaching program is for any runner who wants a full coaching program. It is designed to set realistic goals, determine current and past training and racing effectiveness, gain insight into the present fitness level of the athlete, and, determine appropriate training loads to begin the training program. This process takes 4 weeks.
1. Review of the athlete’s personal health, fitness and running history;
2. Two, 45-minute consultation sessions to evaluate past training and racing; Develop realistic short and long-range goals; discuss training philosophy, Specific training cycles related to specific racing distances and how to affect the coach/athlete relationship; learning proper warm up and cool down principles and activities; Review and videotaping of running biomechanics and shoe needs.
3. Weekly track meetings to observe and manage (motivate and inspire) appropriate training loads (intensity and volume of running) for race preparation.
Introduction to Personal Coaching One time fee $ 195.00

Monthly jump rope Coaching
Monthly Coaching is the next step in personal coaching. Each runner is monitored for intensity and training volume, adaptation, motivation, and supportive feedback that lead to successful racing.
This plan allows for once weekly on-site coaching for objective feedback, motivation and monitoring of training intensities. Included is a 4-week written training schedule (assuming the athlete is healthy), racing strategy, race planning, and, when possible, race observation. All phone calls and emails included. Additional sit down meetings fee will be $25.00 to discuss progress, race planning and goals.
Monthly Coaching – General $ 75.00/Month

Cyber Direction
For runners outside the Portland Metro area and “cyber” athletes who need a monthly training schedule with phone calls, emails and faxed communication as needed. Out of town and “cyber” athletes pay for all long distance calls.
Cyber Direction – 1st Month $95.00 and $75.00/Month thereafter.

Rehab Training Program
Work with health professionals (MD/PT/PA) to assist the injured athlete back to prior fitness level. One on one coaching up to 2 times per week includes phone calls and emails. Typically lasts 2-4 weeks.
Rehab Training Program – Initial consultation – $60.00; Additional sessions @ $40.00

Hourly Consultation
Fee based on prior arrangement between coach and athlete has taken place.
Hourly Consultation – $80/Hour

Before indulging in these strenuous activities, be sure to visit a spine surgeon in Fair Lawn.

Steps to Weight Loss

  1. Eat sensibly.

If you consume fewer calories per day than you use, you will lose weight. That’s the closest thing to a law that you’ll find in weight loss. Most diet programs are nothing more than caloric restriction all dressed up. The simple truth is that a straightforward calorie counting diet will work. Other diets do as well, so long as you restrict your caloric intake to fewer than you burn in a day. You don’t have to be accurate to the tens of calories a day, its good enough to keep track to the nearest one hundred or two hundred calories. 3500 calories is equal to one pound of weight, which means that losing one pound a week requires you to take in 500 less calories per day than you use. Your doctor can tell you the number of calories you need to maintain your current weight and can give you advice on the minimum number of calories per day that you should be eating.

  1. Get some exercise.

Your body is stingy on using energy when you are sitting on the couch. You need to get up and get moving to supplement your weight loss program. At a given level of food intake, the more exercise you get, the faster you will lose weight. Exercise is also healthy for us. You don’t have to become a marathon runner and any amount of exercise is better than none at all. Shoot for a minimum of thirty minutes of exercise three times a week. Searching for weight loss classes near me will bring up great results.

  1. Realize that you have to change your life, not just your weight.

To lose weight, you need to change your habits. Many people succeed in reaching their weight loss goals, but then return to their old food and exercise habits. The weight comes back, and all their hard work was for naught. You have to keep up with the habits that allowed you to lose weight in the first place for the rest of your life. You need to realize that, and make that commitment to yourself from the beginning.

What is ROIPath?

ROIpath’s ASP web conversion analysis service provides detailed, accurate
reports on the marketing, getting reviews, advertising and sales conversion performance of
your web site’s incoming traffic. By measuring the incoming traffic from
outside your web site you discover what messages, assets, banners, text
links, email campaigns, and search engines convert to actual sales (or
downloads, leads…whichever measurable action is most important to you).

:: Determine precise web site return on investment
:: Increase overall sales conversion rate
:: Discover which search terms convert to sales
:: Analyze any single campaign elements impact on ROI
:: Forecast, plan and execute with pinpoint accuracy
:: Assess quality level of separate incoming traffic sources
:: Monitor campaign performance and optimize real time
:: Evaluate online strategy and use for budget planning
:: Improve abandoned shopping cart rates by understanding user behaviour



:: Which search engine words/search terms sell more merchandise?
:: How does the copywriting impact sales conversion?
:: Where do customers drop off in the shopping cart process?
:: How does a customer email newsletter directly impact sales?
:: How does one outside site compare to another in terms of sales conversion?

Air Emission Matters

Our qualified attorneys are involved at every level in policy development, regulatory issues, permitting, and enforcement with respect to air emission matters. One of our partners chaired the Ozone Transport Assessment Group, the 31-state working group on transport and attainment with respect to National Ambient Air Quality Standard for ozone in the eastern United States. We are involved with the Clean Air Act Advisory Committee, and advise our clients on emerging policy issues, including alternatives to the existing command and control structure under the Clean Air Act and state laws. Our lawyers have been involved in federal and state regulatory innovation projects to develop more flexible permitting approaches. The Firm has been extensively involved in the creation of Illinois’ “Cap and Trade” approach for attainment of the ozone ambient air quality standards in Chicago, and in a variety of emission trading development efforts nationally.

Our qualified aluminum vendor and supplier has in-depth experience in providing advice and representation on a full range of federal and state water pollution matters. We have provided assistance to industrial and municipal dischargers with applications for and appeals of NPDES and storm water permits, including effluent toxicity issues, biocentration studies, biological/habitat assessments, and mixing zones. We work to obtain permit conditions that enable our clients to operate their facilities while remaining in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. On behalf of several clients, we have successfully obtained variances and other forms of site-specific relief. We are well versed in addressing pretreatment issues, having counseled POTWs in the preparation of implementation of pretreatment programs. We also represent industrial users who discharge to POTWs, including assisting them in obtaining federal approval of removal credits programs and allow industrial facilities to significantly reduce the cost of pretreating wastewater. Our qualified attorneys have also represented clients in connection with the federal Total Maximum Daily Loads (“TMDLs”) and antidegradation rule-making proceedings. In defense of our clients, we have successfully resolved or litigated several federal, state and citizen enforcement proceedings under the Clean Water Act and its implementing regulations.

What Infrared Saunas Really Do?

It decreases joint stiffness directly.
There was a 20% decrease in stiffness at 45
C as compared with 33C in rheumatoid finger joints, which correlated perfectly to both subjective and objective observation of stiffness.
Any stiffened joint and thickened connective tissues should respond in a similar fashion.

3. Spa Wellness also relieves muscle spasms.
Muscle spasms have long been observed to be reduced through the use of heat, be they secondary to underlying skeletal, joint, or neuro-pathological conditions.
This result is possibly produced by the combined effect of heat on both primary and secondary afferent from spindle cells and from its effects on Golgi tendon organs. The effects produced by each of these mechanisms demonstrated their peak effect within the therapeutic temperature range obtainable with radiant heat.

4. It produces pain relief.
Pain may be relieved via the reduction of attendant or secondary muscle spasms. Pain is also at times related to ischemia due to tension or spasm, which can be improved by the hyperemia that heat-induced vasodilatation produces. This then breaks the feedback loop, in which the ischemia leads to further spasm and then more pain.
Heat has been shown to reduce pain sensation by direct action on both free-nerve endings in tissues and on peripheral nerves. In one dental study, repeated heat applications eventually led to abolishment of the whole nerve response responsible for pain arising from dental pulp.
Heat may lead to both increased endorphin production and a shutting down of the so-called “spinal gate” of Melzack and Wall, each of which can reduce pain.

My Responsibilities as your Coach

  1. As a professional personal trainer I assist with the design an individualized training schedule, provide motivation and feedback, technical assistance, racing guidelines, and counseling to each runner based on his/her goals and fitness level.
  2. Be available by phone and email in my home office each morning from 8:30 am to 7:00 p.m. Please leave a voice mail if you miss me as I check for messages nearly every hour. No calls, please, after 7:00 p.m. Additional meetings for planning will be at a flat fee of $35.00.
  3. In the event of any sickness or injury I am available to assist you in obtaining a diagnosis and treatment plan from a health care professional. I am also professionally trained to write a training rehab plan to assist you in maintaining your present fitness level and to return to running as soon as possible to reduce the potential loss of training time.

Your Responsibilities as the Athlete

  1. Please pay your bill on or before the 10thof each month.
  2. Please give me 30 days notice before opting out of personal coaching. This gives us time to talk and evaluate your progress and give me feedback as well. Opting out of personal coaching for periods of time to recover from intense training is expected and I recommend it to all runners at some point.
  3. Keep me up to dateon how you are responding to the training sessions especially if I am not at the track to make sure your training loads are optimized. Your feedback regarding muscle soreness, health changes and feelings of fatigue are critical for me to maintain a healthy balance of challenge and recovery.
  4. Notify me as soon as possible when:
    • It seems like you may have an injury or the beginning symptoms of illness;
    • You will be missing a training session at the track.
    • You plan to opt out of personal coaching

Additional Features of Protection Against Spam

Add/modify/delete email accounts, adjust Spam filtering settings, set email forwarding, etc. Most email hosts will provide customers with an online control panel – make sure it will allow you to accomplish your goals in an efficient manner. Having to contact someone live at your email provider to make a simple change makes you dependent on third party schedules and priorities.

13. Large mailboxes and distributable storage
As Webmail and IMAP gain popularity and attachment sizes continue to grow, businesses need larger mailboxes to store more data on the Web. However, in many organizations, some employees need large mailboxes, some do not. We recommend looking for an email provider that offers a generous amount of storage space and allows you to upgrade on a per-user basis. This provides a cost-effective way to fulfill the needs of every type of email user within your company.

14. Documented API
If your business needs to integrate Webmail login and control panel functions with third party software applications, you will need to look for a provider that has a fully document Application Programming Interface (API). A documented API will allow you to seamlessly integrate the email functions with other Web service offerings.

15. Financial stability
When selecting an email provider, make sure the company is in a healthy financial position. Look for a provider that can display growth, profitability and positive cash flow. Most of the leading email providers are privately held, so most will not disclose detailed financials, but that should not stop them from providing general statements which for the most part, should tell you what you need to know.

16. Established clientele
Another way to determine the viability of your email host is to make sure they have a reputable customer base. Ask them who their customers are, and by all means, read their testimonials, case studies and press releases. These should provide you with good insight into what other fitness marketing agencies also used their services.

Ceremony Photo Location Poses

  • Groom kissing bride at the altar full length
  • ___ Groom kissing bride at the altar 3/4 pose
  • ___ Groom kissing bride at the altar tight head shot pose
  • ___ Groom putting ring on bride’s finger
  • ___ Bride putting ring on groom’s finger
  • ___ Bride and groom lighting candles, full length
  • ___ Bride and groom lighting candles, 3/4 pose
  • ___ Bride and groom’s hands with rings and flowers
  • ___ Bride and groom with officiator
  • ___ Bride and groom and bridal party with officiator
  • ___ Other missed shots during ceremony
  • ___ Bride with bridesmaids flowers around her
  • ___ Bride and groomsmen
  • ___ Groom with bridesmaids
  • ___ Bride and groom at church/temple door
  • ___ Bride and groom on the steps of church/temple
  • ___ Bride and bridesmaids on the steps of the church/temple
  • ___ Groom and groomsmen on the steps of the church/temple
  • ___ Group shots back inside church
    (Use church altar/steps, etc. as a studio)
  • ___ Bride and groom with bridal party standing
  • ___ Bride and groom with bridal party sitting
  • ___ Bride and groom with bridal party (alternating male and female)
  • ___ Bride and groom with all of the Brides family
    (as big as the bride would like to go)
  • ___ Bride and groom with brides immediate family
  • ___ Bride and groom with bride’s parents
  • ___ Bride with her parents
  • ___ Bride with her mother
  • ___ Bride with her father
  • ___ Bride and groom with all of the groom’s family
    (as big as the bride would like to go)
  • ___ Bride and groom with groom’s immediate family next to the wedding photo booth Orlando, FL
  • ___ Bride and groom with groom’s parents
  • ___ Groom with his parents
  • ___ Groom with his mother
  • ___ Groom with his father
  • ___ Bride and groom with both sets of parents
  • ___ Bride and/or groom with special family members
    (e.g. favorite uncle, best friend, generations photograph, etc)
  • ___ Bride and groom leaving inside of church/temple/ceremony area
  • ___ Getting into car or limo
  • ___ Shot through the sun roof of the limo
  • ___ Shot while seated in limo
  • ___ Wide shot of church/ceremony site and limo
  • ___ Mood shots in and around the church/grounds and/or on the way to the weddings reception site.


Formal Pictures

  • ____ Portrait of mother and bride
  • ____ Portrait of father and bride
  • ____ Brothers and sisters and bride
  • ____ Group Shot of Bride and bridesmaids
  • ____ Individual shots of Bride with each bridesmaids


  • ____ Parent dance
  • ____ Bride and father dance
  • ____ Groom and mother dance
  • ____ Parents dancing
  • ____ Bridal party dancing
  • ____ Guest dancing
  • ____ Bride showing rings to bridesmaids
  • ____ General dancing shots (wide and close up)
  • ____ Flower girl and ring bearer together
  • ____ Candids of guests and bridal party as conditions permit
  • ____ Bride and groom posed in front of the cake
  • ____ Cutting the cake
  • ____ Bride and groom feeding cake to one another
  • ____ Bride faking the bouquet toss
  • ____ Bride throwing the bouquet
  • ____ The catch of the bouquet
  • ____ Groom taking off garter
  • ____ Groom and garter
  • ____ Groom throwing the garter
  • ____ The catch of the garter
  • ____ Group shot of bride & groom with the recipients of the bouquet and garter
  • ____ Guest leaving
  • ____ Posed departure shot of bride and groom (kissing, waving, etc.)
  • ____ Getaway car
  • ____ Bride and groom leaving reception area (birdseed, rose pedals)
  • ____ Bride and groom in car as it goes in to the distance.
  • ____ Close up of invitation
  • ____ Bride or Groom with special friends
  • ____ Bride or Groom with special relatives
  • ____ Picture of band or DJ



A Good Server for Your Website

Disk space
You need to know if your web host offers enough disk space. If you plan to host a small sized website with few graphics and html coding, 10 to 20 MB of disk space might be quite sufficient.

Bandwidth determines the amount of data transfer you are allowed per month. This would be determined by the level of traffic that you are expecting to attract to your website. Bandwidth of 1GB can support more than 3000 unique visitors, which should be sufficient for a small web business.

Pop email
If you are running a web business, you would need pop3 email facilities. This means that you can have an email address of your own domain. You don’t need a lot of email addresses for a small website, but “unlimited aliases” feature allows you to have unlimited versions of email addresses going to the same email box. This makes it easier for you to filter your email. For example: for order related emails etc.

Free or paid
Should you pay for your web host or choose a free one? Both have their pros and cons. However, if you use a paid web host, you would have full control over the content of your website with no third party advertising. This would also create a more professional and reliable image of your web business.

If you want to run interactive scripts (counters, form-to-mail, guest books) on your website you will need a CGI-BIN in your web hosting server. If you want your website to have a data base (mailing list, message boards) you would need php and MySQL facilities. ASP is also a data base related format that works with Windows servers.

It is essential for a web host to give 24 hours customer support and address any problems of the customer immediately. You can check out the level of their support by emailing them before you setup an account with them. They should respond within 24 hours and answer all your questions in a satisfactory manner.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $30 for hosting a small website. If you are lucky, you can find how to make a geo page a web host who will fulfill all your requirements at a reasonable price that suits your budget.

Your web host should guarantee 99% uptime for your website. You can determine this by contacting some of their current customers. Some web hosts have a list of their customers on their website. If a list is not available, you can contact them and ask for testimonials from current customers about their level of service.
Try to choose your web host carefully, as having a reliable and efficient web host would help immensely in the success of your Orlando web business.

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