I recommend most runners go through the Introductory Plan. This allows Bob time to teach the athlete an understanding of the training and racing principles and philosophy, review the runners’ biomechanical movements, review past training and racing, discuss basic sports nutrition, sport psychology, sports injury prevention and general health awareness.
This initial coaching program is for any runner who wants a full coaching program. It is designed to set realistic goals, determine current and past training and racing effectiveness, gain insight into the present fitness level of the athlete, and, determine appropriate training loads to begin the training program. This process takes 4 weeks.
1. Review of the athlete’s personal health, fitness and running history;
2. Two, 45-minute consultation sessions to evaluate past training and racing; Develop realistic short and long-range goals; discuss training philosophy, Specific training cycles related to specific racing distances and how to affect the coach/athlete relationship; learning proper warm up and cool down principles and activities; Review and videotaping of running biomechanics and shoe needs.
3. Weekly track meetings to observe and manage (motivate and inspire) appropriate training loads (intensity and volume of running) for race preparation.
Introduction to Personal Coaching One time fee $ 195.00

Monthly jump rope Coaching
Monthly Coaching is the next step in personal coaching. Each runner is monitored for intensity and training volume, adaptation, motivation, and supportive feedback that lead to successful racing.
This plan allows for once weekly on-site coaching for objective feedback, motivation and monitoring of training intensities. Included is a 4-week written training schedule (assuming the athlete is healthy), racing strategy, race planning, and, when possible, race observation. All phone calls and emails included. Additional sit down meetings fee will be $25.00 to discuss progress, race planning and goals.
Monthly Coaching – General $ 75.00/Month

Cyber Direction
For runners outside the Portland Metro area and “cyber” athletes who need a monthly training schedule with phone calls, emails and faxed communication as needed. Out of town and “cyber” athletes pay for all long distance calls.
Cyber Direction – 1st Month $95.00 and $75.00/Month thereafter.

Rehab Training Program
Work with health professionals (MD/PT/PA) to assist the injured athlete back to prior fitness level. One on one coaching up to 2 times per week includes phone calls and emails. Typically lasts 2-4 weeks.
Rehab Training Program – Initial consultation – $60.00; Additional sessions @ $40.00

Hourly Consultation
Fee based on prior arrangement between coach and athlete has taken place.
Hourly Consultation – $80/Hour

Before indulging in these strenuous activities, be sure to visit a spine surgeon in Fair Lawn.