Our qualified attorneys are involved at every level in policy development, regulatory issues, permitting, and enforcement with respect to air emission matters. One of our partners chaired the Ozone Transport Assessment Group, the 31-state working group on transport and attainment with respect to National Ambient Air Quality Standard for ozone in the eastern United States. We are involved with the Clean Air Act Advisory Committee, and advise our clients on emerging policy issues, including alternatives to the existing command and control structure under the Clean Air Act and state laws. Our lawyers have been involved in federal and state regulatory innovation projects to develop more flexible permitting approaches. The Firm has been extensively involved in the creation of Illinois’ “Cap and Trade” approach for attainment of the ozone ambient air quality standards in Chicago, and in a variety of emission trading development efforts nationally.

Our qualified aluminum vendor and supplier has in-depth experience in providing advice and representation on a full range of federal and state water pollution matters. We have provided assistance to industrial and municipal dischargers with applications for and appeals of NPDES and storm water permits, including effluent toxicity issues, biocentration studies, biological/habitat assessments, and mixing zones. We work to obtain permit conditions that enable our clients to operate their facilities while remaining in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. On behalf of several clients, we have successfully obtained variances and other forms of site-specific relief. We are well versed in addressing pretreatment issues, having counseled POTWs in the preparation of implementation of pretreatment programs. We also represent industrial users who discharge to POTWs, including assisting them in obtaining federal approval of removal credits programs and allow industrial facilities to significantly reduce the cost of pretreating wastewater. Our qualified attorneys have also represented clients in connection with the federal Total Maximum Daily Loads (“TMDLs”) and antidegradation rule-making proceedings. In defense of our clients, we have successfully resolved or litigated several federal, state and citizen enforcement proceedings under the Clean Water Act and its implementing regulations.