1. As a professional personal trainer I assist with the design an individualized training schedule, provide motivation and feedback, technical assistance, racing guidelines, and counseling to each runner based on his/her goals and fitness level.
  2. Be available by phone and email in my home office each morning from 8:30 am to 7:00 p.m. Please leave a voice mail if you miss me as I check for messages nearly every hour. No calls, please, after 7:00 p.m. Additional meetings for planning will be at a flat fee of $35.00.
  3. In the event of any sickness or injury I am available to assist you in obtaining a diagnosis and treatment plan from a health care professional. I am also professionally trained to write a training rehab plan to assist you in maintaining your present fitness level and to return to running as soon as possible to reduce the potential loss of training time.

Your Responsibilities as the Athlete

  1. Please pay your bill on or before the 10thof each month.
  2. Please give me 30 days notice before opting out of personal coaching. This gives us time to talk and evaluate your progress and give me feedback as well. Opting out of personal coaching for periods of time to recover from intense training is expected and I recommend it to all runners at some point.
  3. Keep me up to dateon how you are responding to the training sessions especially if I am not at the track to make sure your training loads are optimized. Your feedback regarding muscle soreness, health changes and feelings of fatigue are critical for me to maintain a healthy balance of challenge and recovery.
  4. Notify me as soon as possible when:
    • It seems like you may have an injury or the beginning symptoms of illness;
    • You will be missing a training session at the track.
    • You plan to opt out of personal coaching