ROIpath’s ASP web conversion analysis service provides detailed, accurate
reports on the marketing, getting reviews, advertising and sales conversion performance of
your web site’s incoming traffic. By measuring the incoming traffic from
outside your web site you discover what messages, assets, banners, text
links, email campaigns, and search engines convert to actual sales (or
downloads, leads…whichever measurable action is most important to you).

:: Determine precise web site return on investment
:: Increase overall sales conversion rate
:: Discover which search terms convert to sales
:: Analyze any single campaign elements impact on ROI
:: Forecast, plan and execute with pinpoint accuracy
:: Assess quality level of separate incoming traffic sources
:: Monitor campaign performance and optimize real time
:: Evaluate online strategy and use for budget planning
:: Improve abandoned shopping cart rates by understanding user behaviour



:: Which search engine words/search terms sell more merchandise?
:: How does the copywriting impact sales conversion?
:: Where do customers drop off in the shopping cart process?
:: How does a customer email newsletter directly impact sales?
:: How does one outside site compare to another in terms of sales conversion?